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"DayBreak is not only respite for me - it is intellectually engaging for my 61-year-old cognitively impaired sister.  I can't say enough about the highest quality of care that is available for my sister through DayBreak...It is staffed and run by angels."

Craig Baker

Brother of DayBreak participant

Overnight Transformation


Thanks for checking in. Dean is in SUCH a good mood this morning! (So unusual from his often grumpiness.) And he also took a shower on his own. (His personal hygiene hasn't been good the past few months... with weeks going by between showers) so I was shocked when I saw him walking by my craft room (where I meditate in the morning)... in his bathrobe, carrying his clothes for the day... that meant that he hadn't dressed immediately on awakening and was off to take a shower. 

You can just imagine how good I felt that he was (1) in such high spirits AND (2) that he thought he needed to take a shower (and care for his body). 

He had NO reproach at all when we got home. I kept waiting for him to mention how lonely he felt or how he didn't like that I left him there. He just talked about Ginger and how she did tricks for him.   (And needing to poop since he didn't feel comfortable doing so there.

But I can understand that... I hesitate in doing that outside my own bathroom (as do many other people, I think)). He was entertained and uplifted all afternoon. And truly enjoyed himself. And that's exactly what I had hoped and prayed for. That his life would become full of great socialization and "meaning." To see such tangible results after just one afternoon validates to me just how much Dean (and I needed this center) and just how valuable you and Markaya are to our community in offering this support. 

Anyway, I'm just thinking ahead to the weeks and months ahead where both Dean and I get FIFTEEN hours a week ... he to fill himself with delightful company and enriching activities and me where I get the gift of so many hours of not having to worry about him while I'm free to concentrate deeply with my brain-work activities or even enjoying the freedom of having extended visits with my friends. 

I had toyed with the idea of five afternoons a week but I think three is enough of a structure right now where he gets the variety and stimulation he's been missing but he also gets enough "down" time to putz and to mow the yard (if it ever stops snowing!) ... and we have a myriad of medical specialists we see... some in the Springs... that we need some "off" days to handle all that... and not worry about having to rush up the pass, etc.


Wife of DayBreak participant


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