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Our History

Established in 2014, and opened in 2015, DayBreak is the first (and only) program to provide adult day services to Teller County residents, focusing on providing individual growth and tailored socialization for participants on a regular basis. DayBreak affords the caregiver the opportunity to regroup, refresh, and recharge while their loved one lives a full and active life in our “home away from home” setting – preventing a long term care placement before its time.

Our Team

Elisa Santos

Executive Director

Joni Edmisten

Assistant Director, CNA

Deb Landkammer

Activities Assistant, LPN/QMAP

Amanda Brady

Activities Assistant, Music and Art Specialist

Theresa Jordan

Volunteer Community Liaison

Board of Directors

Bernie Vayle - Board of Directors | DayBreak - Adult Day Program in Teller County, CO

Bernie Vayle


Connie Sims



Dan Williams


Teller County

Samantha Kelley



Mike Samp

Retired Executive



I did not realize how much stress I had until we had been with DayBreak two weeks. One day when I left Alvin at DayBreak and started home, I had to stop the truck. I was crying so hard because I realized I have found a wonderful group of helpers to continue this journey with me, or us, really, because Alvin not only reaps the wonderful care at DayBreak, but I am a much better, more relaxed caregiver.

Mary Mitchell

Wife Of DayBreak Participant

We are grateful for DayBreak’s EXCEPTIONAL program! Our mother with Alzheimer’s loves it. Her language bloomed with social interaction and brain-enhancing activities. The staff gives from their hearts.

Michelle Eckert

Daughter Of DayBreak Participant

Dean is in SUCH a good mood this morning! (So unusual from his often grumpiness.) And he also took a shower on his own. (His personal hygiene hasn’t been good the past few months… with weeks going by between showers) so I was shocked when I saw him walking by my craft room (where I meditate in the morning)… in his bathrobe, carrying his clothes for the day… that meant that he hadn’t dressed immediately on awakening and was off to take a shower. 

You can just imagine how good I felt that he was (1) in such high spirits AND (2) that he thought he needed to take a shower (and care for his body). 

Lucie Haskins

Wife of DayBreak Participant

Like many people today, I have been affected by the consuming devastation that surrounds Alzheimer’s, dementia, and the aging process of friends and loved ones. I see the identity and dignity of those affected by these conditions slip away. They are unable to continue a normal life pattern. Their spouses and extended families are usually stretched beyond their limits. DayBreak is a provision from God for these individuals fighting to take care of their loved ones. DayBreak offers a safe place that provides loving supervision and respite for those in need. I volunteer at DayBreak so that God can use my talents and skills to care for our community.

Clint Morford

DayBreak Volunteer

The respite received at DayBreak was invaluable to my sense of well-being during Helgi’s final year of life. I found comfort and relief leaving her at DayBreak knowing she was well respected, cared for, and accepted with love and understanding about her condition and individual needs.

Charlie Oaks

Husband Of Past DayBreak Participant & Current Board Member

My mom has a great time at DayBreak and gives her a safe place to go with fun and engaging activities in a caring and compassionate environment. Thank you DayBreak!

Julie A. Benson Nelson

Daughter Of DayBreak Participant

Certifications & Memberships

DayBreak is an active member in local and national organizations, bringing awareness to the what, why and when of adult day services.

National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat

Daybreak Community Collaborator: Woodland Park Senior Organization

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