DayBreak – An Adult Day Program is Closing

For Public Release on January 27, 2023

DayBreak – An Adult Day Program has provided the only adult day services in Teller County since 2015. Thanks to generous donors, volunteers and support from participant families and the community, it has provided respite care for caregivers of family members living with dementia. In the last couple of years, due in part to COVID restrictions, the demand for these services has declined with many families choosing in-home care as a result of our residents either choosing to work from home or not returning back to the workforce. Experiencing fewer participants, inflation driven operating cost increases and ongoing staff issues, it has become impossible to maintain this as a sustainable non-profit business. Consequently, the Board has painfully concluded it is best for all parties involved to permanently close DayBreak effective February 1, 2023.

The Board wants to thank all who have supported DayBreak over the years. As we dissolve this non-profit organization, we will be guided by a Non-profit Counsel attorney and all remaining assets will be donated to other local non-profits serving Teller County residents in need.